ROYAL$ - QUEENDOM (Music Video)

Producers: Royal Vision
Studio: La swamp
Director/Art Director: Queen Myrai
Camera/Editing: Melissa Poirier
Camera’s Assistant: Jean-Philip Naim
Lightning Operators: Jean-Philip Naim, Melissa Poirier, Yerko Alejandro
Director’s Assistants: Marie-Christine Laniel, Yerko Alejandro
Photography: Julie Soto
Models: The Royals and Queens, Dragons, Warriors and Witches
Dancers: Royal Crew
Snakes Sponsor: Chuck Royal/
Lipstick Sponsor: Lipsense par SeneGence
Clothing: Royal Creation, EMY ARMOR
MUA: Lanchi Nguyen, Fay Goulet, Laurence Kourie, Sophia Niselshtein
Graphic Designers: Julie Soto, Vincent Soto, Marie-Christine Laniel
Special thanks to all the cast: Nel Moschetto de Naïad International - Montreal Division
special thanks: Ginger L

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